Friendship Hook & Ladder Company No. 1

          Battalion Chief Tony D'Amico           - 710

                       Captain Steve Sass Jr.            - 7-4

               1st Lieutenant Robert Ruff Jr.          - 7-4-1

               2nd Lieutenant Bartlomie Pachucki - 7-4-2


Dave Cabri

Jason Colombo

Tony D'Amico **

Daniel Eckert*

David Llewellyn

Thomas Llewellyn*

Hernan Lopez

Bartlomie Pachucki

Jason Roughgarden

Julio Rodriguez

Robert Ruff Jr. *

Steve Sass Jr.

Steve Sass Sr.

Anthony Silleto

Matthew Smith

Lawrence Wood*

                           ** Current Chief               * Past Chief 

This company was organized in February, 1872 and is the department's oldest company. A fire in April 1881 destroyed the fire house. The only equipment saved from the fire belonged to the Friendship Hook and Ladder Company No. 1.

The Friendship Hook & Ladder Company also belongs to various organizations. We are members of the North Jersey Firemen’s Association and the New Jersey/New York Firemen’s Association. The company also belongs to the South Bergen Mutual Aid Association, Zone Two, along with the rest of the companies in the department. We are also proud to be the only company in the department not to be reorganized since its inception.

The  articulating aerial truck (pictured above) was in service since October 1997, and replaced our 1969 Mack Snorkel.

This state of the art fire apparatus was purchased by the Borough of Carlstadt because it offers many features never before available.

It reaches up, out, over, and under obstacles that allows it to get into diverse locations for rescue operations, ventilation, and to be used as an effective master stream device to direct water where it will do the most good.

This unique apparatus is well suited to the Borough of Carlstadt because it may be used on our many deep and wide commercial buildings. Most of these buildings have truss roof construction. These types of buildings can create a hazard to firefighters due to early collapse. This unit will reach out 73 feet horizontally at the third story level (41 feet). Due to its versatility, it will serve equally as well within our residential area by being able to set up on an 8% grade and in cramped conditions, operating with single side stabilization. Here are a few more pictures.

The Truck Committee of the Friendship Hook & Ladder Company worked for approximately 7 years developing specifications for this new apparatus. We looked at every type of aerial apparatus, but due to the service of our 75 foot Snorkel, our enthusiasm was on an articulating boom type of apparatus.

We then looked at several different manufacturers of articulating boom equipment and finally found SCHWING, America. They had an articulating device utilizing some of the same components as their concrete pumping equipment. We worked with their engineers to come up with what we feel will address the needs of our community now and into the future.

To mention some of the structures that we have within our community:

A. We have approximately 500 industrial or commercial buildings. A lot of these are warehouse operations, 2 stories high, very wide, long, and most with bar joist construction.

B. The Borough just issued a Certificate of Occupancy for a 5 story hotel. (Currently the highest building in the Borough.)

In the near future we are looking at the possibility of a mall being located in our Borough. The plans also include 2.2 million square feet of office space, 1000 room hotel, theaters, restaurants, and some industrial warehouses. The plans also include a Transportation Center.

Our belief is that you must try to purchase a piece of equipment so that it will still meet your requirements well into the future.

Our 1969 Snorkel has served the Borough of Carlstadt well for the last 28 years and still maintains its presents in the Department. It is our belief that our new Schwing will be able to equal its performance by meeting our requirements into the twenty-first century.

This new apparatus has a 10-man HME cab, a Marion body, and a 115' SCHWING aerial that has 4 articulating booms. The members of the company have dedicated this new apparatus to Past Chief and member Burton Bello, who suddenly died while still an active member in the company. Burt was also a member of the truck committee who’s foresight helped to purchase this apparatus. A distinguishing mark this apparatus has is that it is the first apparatus to be manufactured by SCHWING, America for a municipal fire department in the United States.

Old and New Buckets

Our new and old buckets

Our previous apparatus (pictured below) was a 1969 Mack with 75' Snorkel, it carried a full compliment of ladders and equipment including a 1000 GPM pump, and 600' of 5 inch large diameter hose. From 1969 till its retirement in August 1997, it operated at many major fires in the South Bergen and Passaic areas. In 1984, it was refurbished. The cab was redone, along with the installation of two square headlights, replacing the round headlights.

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